Mount & Blade II Bannerlord is a continuation of the Mount & Blade franchise that fuses RPG, action and RTS gameplay. It features a grand campaign map, with hundreds of locations, that can be visited and fought over in real time first / 3rd person battles.

The franchise has set a genre standard of action based medieval combat and combines that with RTS mechanics out of the player characters perspective, so directly out of the heat of the battle. The franchise is also known for its competitive multiplayer and active modding scene.


I have always been fascinated by having the ability to modify my favorite games, change them to my liking and add content of my own. During, but also way before my professional career, I was working on missions and levels for a range of games from all sorts of different genres.


During my time at the School for Games S4G, I collaborated with other students on 3 semester projects and was prepared for my first steps into professional game development by industry veterans and accredited courses.