Arma 3

The Arma series provides a huge military sandbox for all sorts of communities, to create their own missions with custom assets in it. Personally I worked on a big range of (mostly PvE) missions made for private milsim (military simulation) units, for anything between 10 and 60 players.

As a designer I had to take special care of pacing, especially since different players (squads) took on varying tasks during missions, but in the end expected a similar amount of intensity. Players can influence the pace to a certain degree by themselves (especially with offensive missions), scaling and adjusting the difficulty is completely up to the mission design. This is made even harder since most of the time players work to achieve a grander shared objective, meaning that players that are overperforming are reducing the difficulty (and therefore in some cases the intensity) for players around them. Nowadays with the Zeus module, mission designers can do live runtime adjustments via Zeus on the server itself. Before that designers had to plan out optional encounters that could dynamically adjust the difficulty.

Screenshots of in progress missions

M&B Warband

M&B Warband was the first game I explored in the level editor, years before even considering joining the industry itself. Being able to design my own villages and castles with a range of game assets fascinated me for years.

In that time I worked together with mod teams but mostly with server owners designing levels for big siege battles (50-200 players), special events and competitive matches (~10-20 players).

A wide range of multiplayer maps hosted on public servers

More modding

Outside of Arma 3 and M&B Warband that I have mostly modded, every game with some sort of editor that I manage to pick up sparks my interest. A few more examples:

Door Kickers is a 2d game, in which game levels are actually created with .html and sprites with a huge set of properties to enable detailed mission design.

Company of Heroes 2, comes with a powerful level editor that I have used to create pvp and pve levels for a group of friends.

Some features of my CoH2 levels and mission overviews of the Doorkickers campaign