Key points and shipped games. For my full CV contact me via paul[at]kaloff[dot]dev or on LinkedIn.


Game Development

School for Games S4G
2015 - 2017

Learning and improving game industry specific hard and soft skills, taught by industry veterans. Shipped three student projects.


Level Designer

Taleworlds Entertainment

During the ten week internship, I worked on singleplayer and mutliplayer scenes. Addtionally I was responsible for the documentation of a brand new gamemode.

JAN 2018 -

Level-, Game Designer

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord / Taleworlds Entertainment
Ankara / Turkey

Genre: Action, RPG, Strategy
PC, Consoles
Teamsize: ~100
Management: Agile
Engine: RGL

Designing multiplayer levels for different game modes. Working with a finite pool of assets to create new and exciting environments. Collaborating with artists to create new key assets. Designing single player levels which dynamically can change atmosphere and gameplay, depending on campaign situations.
Balancing multiplayer weapons and characters, based on analytics and balancing sheets. Taking on responsibility for the combat system design while closely collaborating with animators and gameplay programmers.

OCT 2016 -
MAR 2017

Level-, Game Designer (Student)

Beat / School for Games S4G
Berlin, Germany

Genre: Rhythm, Rail-Shooter
Teamsize: 6
Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Mastering the unique challenge of designing game levels out of music. Collaborating with colleagues on the design and documentation of the game mechanics. Prototyping quickly using Unreal Engines 4 Blueprints.


APR 2016 -
SEP 2016

Level Designer (Student)

Poly Bomb / School for Games S4G
Berlin, Germany

Genre: Action, Arena, Topdown
Teamsize: 7
Engine: Unity

Building multiple arena levels, based around a game mechanic each. Collaborating with the game designers to utilize and showcase mechanics as most effective and simple as possible. Level Design Documentation.


SEP 2015 -
MAR 2016

Producer (Student)

Archys Adventure / School for Games S4G
Berlin, Germany

Genre: Breakout
Teamsize: 6
Engine: Unity

General workflow coordination and managing the backlog + burndown chart. Discovering strengths of team members and distributing tasks accordingly. Intermediate support for programming and design tasks.